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Armen Eloyan: Anarmeniacs
By Negar Azimi

Donald Duck⬦ I cannot say Donald Duck is my hero.
� Armen Eloyan

Whirling in the West
By Alexander Keefe

That month also witnessed the quiet shuttering of a most unusual mosque, the Masjid al-Farah. Perhaps the only mosque in the world kitted out with Dan Flavin light installations, the space, a vast converted firehouse on Mercer Street, pushed the metaphysical tendencies of the early Dia Foundation to their logical limit: the Masjid al-Farah was a permanent installation in the heart of lower Manhattan, an avant-garde Sufi lodge for the ages.

The Math of Khan
By Par Parekh

… The voice belongs to Salman Kahn, who wants to pulverize every last ossified notion you�"ve ever had about education. And this whip-smart thirty-three-year-old, with three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, might just do it. Singled out by Bill Gates as the future of education and recently awarded a two million dollar grant from Google, Khan is the founder, voice, and sole faculty member of Khan Academy, the most popular educational site on the internet. At last count some twenty-four million people have profited from its online tutorials.

By Negar Azimi

Amr Khaled has great big expressive eyebrows. When he speaks, they take on a life of their own, moving up and down and sideways like a caterpillar on acid. Whether pondering the state of women in the Islamic world or the fate of the Palestinians, he is relentlessly, even frustratingly, optimistic. As the Egyptian equivalent of Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Rick Warren all rolled together, he is an army of one dreaming of the Islamic Renaissance to come, a pious poster boy, hero, and self-help coach to millions.

Best Dad Ever
By Michael C. Vazquez

Is Kuwaiti social entrepreneur Naif Al-Mutawa the best dad in the world? Let's consider the evidence. He's totally busy with his day job, it's true � but his day job is dreaming up superheroes and adventures for them to have. His heroes, a team called The 99, are the stars of their own comic book � and they just teamed up with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in new spinoff title. Meanwhile, in real life, the leader of the free world is a fan. (President Obama praised Mutawa in April during a summit on entrepreneurship.) The 99 also have their own theme park, right there in Kuwait � how cool is that? We can�"t say whether Mutawa dotes on his five sons, exactly, but they look pretty happy when they wriggle their way into his publicity photographs, which happens fairly often.

Juicing the Global Jukebox
By Alexander Provan

… According to the website of Equus World, a subsidiary of the dry-goods conglomerate Limex Global Industries (maker of Bimbo, Nigeria's favorite detergent), whose head is Paris-based businessman and �SCitizens of the World� financier Bassam Abdallah, Pangea is a supergroup created to �Sprove through the power and beauty of music, that despite being now separated by oceans, we are still one people.� (�SCitizens of the World� is not just a song, but a component of the grander Equus project, which aims to connect the globe through �Ssensational events� and message-driven products including limited-edition, custom-made American muscle cars, utilizing �Sthe new triangular link existing between Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood.�) Unlike �SDo They Know It's Christmas?� or �SWe Are the World� or other musical endeavors meant to succor the world's benighted, suffering populations, �SCitizens of the World� aims to purvey a vibe, not save lives. And unlike, say, the United Nations, it is completely apolitical.

Full Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Armen Eloyan
Negar Azimi

Work in Progress
Ming Wong
Shanay Jhaveri

Hrair Sarkissian
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

The Artist-Bureaucrat Speaks
Clare Davies

Cooking with Kamal Mouzawak
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

The Math Of Khan
Par Parekh

The iWonk
Anna Della Subin

Alexander Provan

Whirling in the West
Alexander Keefe

The Paradise Flycatcher
Achal Prabhala

Quince Mountain

Space Oddity
Yasmine Seale

Negar Azimi

Save the Babes
Lisa Farjam

Anand Balakrishnan

Left Behind
Ryan Lobo

Juicing The Global Jukebox
Alexander Provan

Potenco Al La Homoj
Benjamin Tiven

Best Dad Ever
Michael C. Vazquez

The Adventures of Super Adobe
Brian Ackley


Parastou Forouhar
Guy Mannes-Abbott

Francis Alÿs
Ghalya Saadawi

Exposure 2010
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Shadi Habib Allah
Jennifer Krasinski

Invisible Publics
Clare Davies

Jill Magid
Natascha Sadr Haghighian

Media Farzin

Ammar Al Beik
Anneke Lenssen

Manifesta 8
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Dreams That Matter
Anna Della Subin

The Clash of Images
Yasmine El Rashidi

Short Takes