#04, Emirates Now

Branding a Revolution
By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

As crowds gathered in Martyrs�" Square in Beirut for the funeral of slain former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, all the old flags came out. One could catch sight of the tired Progressive Socialist Party logo (white graphics on a faded blue background), Pierre Gemayel's mug flogging for the Kitaeb (his haggard face jutting out from […]

Loreta Bilinskaite-Burke: I’ll Be Your Mirror
By Antonia Carver

Sunday Best (detail), slides, 2003-5, courtesy of the artist �SDarling, I�"ve bought you some crack,� purrs Loreta, striding in my front door. �SFrom Satwa.� The crack in question is actually Krack, an antiseptic cream for sore heels, purchased from an area of Dubai known for its bargain basement outlets full of Burberry and Tods, besides […]

Metropolitan Dubai and the Rise of Architectural Fantasy
By George Katodrytis

Fantasy embraces all forms of dreaming. In architecture, it implies a composed, projected environment that is surprising to the eye�a deliberate exercise that tests reality and triggers possibilities for the future. In a sense, all architecture is fantasy. Architectural design is always speculative, since it attempts to specify the future. Recent progressive architectural projects have […]

Why Are We Still Learning from Las Vegas
By WORKac, New York

At the turn of the century, Dubai counted 1600 inhabitants. Today it has almost one million. The growth in population is rivaled only by its growth in garbage: Dubai's domestic refuse increases annually by ten percent with an expected 2 million metric tons in 2008. As Dubai has developed, its strategy has been to �Sx� […]

Tropical Baroque: A Rough and Partial History of Popular Furniture
By Tirdad Zolgadhr

Even when you don�"t see me smile, in fact I am smiling. �Saddam Hussein When journalist Paul William Roberts interviewed Saddam Hussein in his Baghdad office back in the mid 90s, he went out of his way to comment on the furniture. Saddam, he explains, was �Ssitting behind the kind of gilt-shanked baroque desk that […]

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Mo’hammeds Mo’problems
Negar Azimi
Branding a Revolution
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Beasts of Burden
Negar Azimi


War Bazaar
Yahia Lababidi

Ebony Tower: Strategy of the New Self-Othering
Nav Haq

Loreta Bilinskaite-Burke: I’ll Be Your Mirror
Antonia Carver

But Home: Tarek Al Ghoussein
Jack Persekian

Metropolitan Dubai and the Rise of Architectural Fantasy
George Katodrytis

Dubai Fantasy Projects:


Foreign Office Architects

George Katodrytis and Khalid Najjar


Permanent Vacation: The Making of Someplace out of No-place
Brian Ackley

An Image of Dubai
Kevin Mitchell

Dubai Inc.: The Dubai Brand as Cultural Identity
Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares

Photography by Armin Linke

Hey Doc, How about a Million Carrots?
Setareh Shahbazi

Stranger than Paradise
Lara Baladi

Tropical Baroque: A Rough and Partial History of Popular Furniture
Tirdad Zolghadr

Establishment Unwound: UAE Arts
Antonia Carver

Slogans and Walls that Prevent Misunderstanding 2/5 BZ, aka Serhat Koksal
Tirdad Zolghadr

I’m Young and I need the Money: Eko Fresh, Konig von Deutschland
Joel Bisang

My Travels with Thomsum (or other ways I kept it real in old Dubai)
Nima Nabavi

UAE Top Ten
Antonia Carver

Paradise Now: Interview with Hany Abou-Assad

Spring Film Festival Diary


Changing States
Charlotte Bydler

Cairo: City of Sand
Maria Golia



with Jehane Noujaim

Human Rights as Fetish
By Negar Azimi